There are many reasons why women choose to wear makeup. One of the top reasons is to enhance their natural beauty and be more physically alluring. Woman may also wear makeup to boost their confidence, cover flaws, and appear more youthful or to simply look a little different.

Wearing makeup and having beautifully shaped eyebrows is important; as it will positively affect the perception others will have about you. A woman who reports to work without makeup may be seen as lazy as she hasn't put any effort into her appearance. The application of makeup should always be appropriate for the occasion provided it's been done correctly.

It is necessary to understand the role that each of your features plays in how others perceive you depending on which features you enhance with your makeup. Clear skin is symbolic of health. Large eyes are symbolic of alertness, cleverness but also aggression and danger. Full red lips are symbolic of sexuality and fecundity. And sharp cheekbones are symbolic of strength.

We cover the following during the workshop:

  • Determine your face shape and your best facial features.
  • Discuss the correct way to shape and colour your eyebrows.
  • Identify which colours are most suitable for you. (This may include foundation, eye shadows, lipstick and mascara.)
  • Apply a step-by-step routine when doing the application.
  • How to do your makeup for a specific occasion or day-to-day wear.

A Makeup Workshop lasts for three hours and is held every second Saturday.



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