Stand out, command more authority and differentiate yourself as a professional.



The key to Style Success is to know your body type

This knowledge is one of the most important factors contributing towards making the most of your appearance. It will enable you to work with what you have by capitalizing on your strong points and minimizing any ‘flaws’.

During the consultation, we take detailed measurements and make a visual assessment in order to determine your vertical and horizontal body proportions. This valuable information is used to create your very own style portfolio.

A style personality test is also conducted during the consultation. This discovery assists us to determine which of the seven style groups you fit into. These elements of your true self-expression are then incorporated into your ‘new’ wardrobe.


Colour subconsciously plays an important role in the psychology of humans.

The way you select, combine and wear certain colours can influence how people perceive you. The impact of colour is immediate and lasting which is why it should never be underestimated. Dressing in your correct or most suitable colour range will enhance your appearance in many different ways and it can also be a major persuasion factor.

We apply a scientifically based colour analysis system that identifies your exact colour harmony. The colour of your hair, skin and eyes are all taken into consideration when selecting the best colour season for you.



Does your current work wardrobe correlate with your aspirations, profession or the industry you work in?

Perhaps you’ve been longing to create an appropriate yet distinguishable workplace appearance and simply don’t know how to start the process?

‘Building’ a business wardrobe may be a daunting task if you’re not too sure how to go about it correctly. We’re here to assist and guide you in the right direction…

We cover the following:

*The Essentials of ‘Building’ an Appropriate Business Wardrobe is a must before going ahead with your Business Wardrobe Audit.


Do you find it frustrating and time consuming to get dressed for work in the mornings?

So many different styles are seen as appropriate in today’s business world making it very tricky and difficult to combine outfits that work well together. We’ll assist you to create a functional yet stylish wardrobe…


The process includes the following:

Please note that you may be asked to do a quick tidy-up of your closet and to separate all garments that qualify as business attire. You will also be asked to try on various garments in order to check fit and appropriateness.

*The Style & Figure Analysis, Colour Direction Analysis and The Essentials of ‘Building’ an Appropriate Business Wardrobe are all best done prior to your Business Wardrobe Audit.


Is it confusing and time consuming when shopping for work attire?

Perhaps you’re not too sure where to go shopping or how to choose the most suitable and appropriate garments for your profession?

A few benefits of having a Personal Shopper:

*The Style & Figure Analysis, Colour Direction Analysis, Essentials of ‘Building’ an Appropriate Business Wardrobe as well as The Business Wardrobe Audit are all best done prior to your Personal Shopping Experience.


Makeup is a great way to enhance your innate beauty, boost your confidence, cover ‘flaws’ and finish off your overall look.

Allow us to teach you how to apply your makeup correctly and flawlessly.

We cover the following : 

You may be asked to bring along your current makeup kit in order for us to discuss and identify what works for you, what doesn’t and what you need to create a perfect look at home.

*Please note that one-on-one lessons as well as group workshops are available.


Fine business etiquette skills are critical to the advancement in your career.

These skills not only add to your credibility but also ensure that you’re an exceptional representative of your company. Professional behavior is far from trivial and shouldn’t be taken lightly as a lack thereof may run the risk of a bad impression.

Services include the following : 

Corporate Image Management 


■ Style & Figure Analysis.

■ ‘Building’ an Appropriate Business Wardrobe.

■ Business Wardrobe Audit.

■ Accompanied Shopping.

■ Business Makeup Lesson.

■ Impressive Résumé and Job Interview

■ Style & Figure Analysis.

■ ‘Building’ an Appropriate Business Wardrobe.

■ Business Wardrobe Audit.

■ Accompanied Shopping.

■ Session with a Professional Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & Photographer.

■ Social Media Audit & Revamp.

■ Style & Figure Analysis.

■ ‘Building’ an Appropriate Business Wardrobe.

■ Business Wardrobe Audit.

■ Accompanied Shopping.

■ Business Makeup Lesson.

■ Professional Business Etiquette (Business Communication Skills & Engaging in Business Meals & Parties).

A few of the topics covered:

■ The Company Culture

■ The Company Brand & Identity

■ Professional Business Etiquette

■ Body Language & Comportment

■ 5 Factors of Total Image Management

■ Steps Towards a Professional Image

■ Modern Professional Dress Codes & Applications

■ Hierarchy of Professional Dress

■ Business Wardrobe Essentials

“Elegance is not standing out but being remembered.”

Giorgio Armani


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